November 3, 2020

2020 HSPPR Volunteer Superstars

This week, we are celebrating National Volunteer Appreciation Week! We don’t have a “Volunteer of the Year” award here- it’s just too hard to choose ONE volunteer who has gone above and beyond! Instead, 15 volunteers are nominated by the staff who have proven themselves to be Superstars. Meet our 15 paw-some volunteers!

Allen Team

Every Sunday when the Allen Team comes in for their shift, they are always up for whatever surprises their shift may bring. They are willing to help the Foster Staff as needed —even with the less-than glamorous tasks — and they do it all with a smile on their face. Their dedication to the Foster Program both in and out of the shelter is truly appreciated, and we cannot thank you all enough for all you do!

Angus MacKelvey

Anytime you see Angus walk into the shelter, you aren’t be surprised to see a smile on his face. Angus’ can-do attitude and contagious positive demeanor makes him a rockstar volunteer for our Customer Service area. If you ask our Adoptions staff what comes to mind when it comes to Angus, they will be happy to boast about how knowledgeable, reliable, and upbeat he is during his times here at the shelter!

Dickman Team

Come time to looking for a volunteer to step up to the plate to train our newbies in Critter Care, there was no question to ask the Dickman team and boy, are we happy that they were up to the challenge! The Dickman team consistently ensure that our new volunteers with a passion for small animals like themselves have all the tools and tips for success once they’re on their own.

Jennifer & Max

This mother-son duo joined us back in June 2016

and have been 100% devoted to caring for our cats

ever since, spending their Friday evenings ensuring

that the cats have clean places to sleep, eat, play,

and potty. Jennifer and Max have provided more than 800 hours of service combined to our feline


Joy Bowman

Joy has been a dedicated foster since December of 2016, and she has contributed over 2,600 volunteer hour to canine friends in need! She specializes in fostering mom dogs and their puppies, and she is always willing to take the litters that Foster Staff are struggling to place.

Linn Gustafson

Regardless of weather, you’ll see Linn at the shelter walking dogs! Linn is an Advanced Dog Walker and is always willing to spend extra time to ensure that our dogs get nice walks and fresh air during their stay here. On days that we have more dogs than dog walkers, Linn steps up to the challenge of walking more dogs than he was assigned to make sure everyone gets a chance to go outside. 

Lucy Reilly

Lucy has been volunteering with HSPPR since 2017 and quickly became one of our go to fosters for long term medical dogs. Her generosity and dedication to HSPPR knows no bounds! Whenever we put out the call for shelter projects or needed supplies, we know that Lucy will be one of the first people to ask how she can help. Lucy’s delightful Irish accent and quick wit make her an extraordinarily enjoyable person to be around.

Morgan Rozmiarek

As a Behavior Mod Squad and Play Groups volunteer, Morgan works with dogs needing extra socialization or who need help learning manners before they are ready for adoption. Morgan’s attention to detail helps her give each dog she’s working with her undivided attention and helps the dogs graduate from the B-MOD program so that they can be adopted!

Nye Team

On holidays, you can often find the Nye Team bright and early in the morning, cleaning Cat Adoptions and giving the kitties a little extra love. When most people are at home spending time with their family, the Nye Team is spending time at their home away from home with their ‘cat family’. We are incredibly lucky and grateful to have them as part of the HSPPR family.

Rhonda Danforth

When talking about Rhoda, it’s quicker to ask what she doesn’t do here at the shelter! Rhoda has been volunteering since 2014 and is a Platinum Paws volunteer with over 1,500 hours dedicated to our shelter. We are lucky to have Rhoda help us with so many roles here at the shelter and for her many years of service to our organization. She truly is a volunteer


Roger Ouellette

Roger’s dedication of over 350 volunteer hours demonstrates how much his position means to him. In fact, our Veterinary Clinic staff only have phrases to sing about Roger: “He is a very sweet person and is very helpful. Always willing to help with anything we ask or need. He is an amazing person to be around and he is very kind to our patients. He is part of our family.”

Sabrina O'Brien

From Sabrina’s first shift as a Data Entry Assistant, she has always been ready and willing to help with any, and we really mean ANY, clerical task thrown her way. Whether that be entering observation forms into the often unruly Chameleon, stuffing envelopes, writing thank you letters to donors, or small tasks from the Volunteer department, Sabrina has never shied away from lending us a hand.

Scott Engelman

Being a part of the Community Animal Response Team (CART), one would think that they know what to

expect: helping out animals and their families in our community during a natural or manmade disaster. No

one signs up to be heavily involved in the behind-the-scenes work and though that wasn’t his original intent,

we are grateful to have Scott Engelman as team member whose skills have exceeded our wildest


Scott Nicewonger

Not just anyone can boast about the 250+ hours that he has served in this role as it’s not for the faint of heart…..or feelings. Our intake area is quite the difficult position to keep filled with volunteers but as soon as we find that gem – as soon as we find that Scott – we know we’ve struck gold.

Weis Team

Tatiana and Lauren specialize in taking the bigger groups of kittens, either with a mom or without; their motto: more the merrier! They are rarely without kittens in their home, often taking large groups back to back, or having multiple groups at once. Each time, they are willing to help the foster program whenever we are in need.