February 8, 2021

Dog Hit by Car Finds New Home with Veterinarian Who Saved His Life!

Small tan and white dog laying down

It’s always great to have a good relationship with your veterinarian. But what if your mom… IS your veterinarian?

Jim first came in to HSPPR after allegedly being hit by a car. “From the minute I saw him, with a pelvic fracture and so sad, I just couldn’t believe how sweet he was despite all his injuries and pain,” said Dr. Sue Lynch, chief veterinarian at Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

The HSPPR veterinary team, headed by Dr. Sue, fixed him up as best they couldn’t but they knew a fracture this severe needed an expert opinion. So they consulted with their friends at Colorado Canine Orthopedics, who were able to give Jim a surgery to fix his fractured pelvis. After Jim’s follow-up care was complete with CCO, Dr. Sue and her team discovered that due to the extensive nerve damage Jim had endured, he would also need to lose his right hind leg to relieve the rest of his suffering. Dr. Sue and her team were able to successfully amputate his leg, and after a recovery period, Jim was ready to find his new home.

But… it turns out Jim had already found it! Dr. Sue fell in love with her little friend during his extensive time in the care of her team, and she decided she couldn’t live without him.

“He has an amazing temperament and he just follows me around all day,” said Dr. Sue. “I love him so much. My family loves him too!”

And if you think all of Jim’s medical work is slowing him down, think again! “It’s like nothing happened; he runs and jumps and plays with Elvita, my other dog,” said Dr. Sue. “He’s the perfect fit for our family!”