May 10, 2021

Fire Danger This Summer! Are You Prepared?

Living in the Pikes Peak Region, we know natural disasters can strike at any time. Are you and your pets prepared?

Here are some tips to make sure the whole family stays safe in case of disaster this summer.

Make a list of the places you could go with your pets if you were to be evacuated. Many hotels now accept pets, or perhaps you could make arrangements with a friend or family member. Make a plan in case you are not home when your area is evacuated. Create a “buddy plan” with nearby relatives or friends to help each other with animal evacuation. Make sure your “buddy” has written permission to care for your animals and access to your pet emergency supplies.

HSPPR is the CART (Community Animal Response Team) for the Pikes Peak Region, which means we will activate to provide sheltering in an emergency for your pets. If you had to evacuate without your animals, remember that you can call HSPPR, and our Animal Law Enforcement officers will be standing by to rescue animals out of evacuated zones. CART will be standing by with sheltering services as we did during Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Fires.

Here are tips on how you should prepare your pet’s information before an evacuation

·         Keep your pet up to date on any preventative healthcare.
·         Keep copies of all vaccination/health records.
·         Record contact information for your veterinarian.
·         Always ensure your pet is identified with tags, a collar and a microchip if possible.
·         Keep photographs of you with your pet with you in case you need further identification.
·         Give copies of essential identification information to someone out of the area.

Another important disaster preparedness tool is the Go Kit. Here is what should go in your pet’s Go Kit:

·         Pet food and water for at least three days
·         Pet medications
·         Bowls
·         Cat litter and pan / poop scooper
·         Pet first aid kit
·         Toys
·         Leashes or harnesses
·         Grooming supplies
·         Kennels / carriers 

For more information on Animal Disaster Preparedness, please visit