Yes, HSPPR is calling!

You’re just a phone call away from saving lives.

If you received a call from 719.401.6311, don’t worry, it’s us! We have recently partnered with our friends at DV Canvass to help us expand our abilities to care for the more than 27,000 animals that come through our doors every year. 

What is the Happy Tails League?

The Happy Tails League unites pet owners, animal lovers, and all Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region supporters. Your monthly heroism earns you freebies, resources, special event access for you and your pet, and access to a community of animal lovers like you. Knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of pets in need? Well, that’s just the kibble on top.

Be their hero today!

Callers can direct you to this page and call back from 719.349.5311.

If you would like additional peace of mind, have questions, or would like to speak with an HSPPR staff member about a call you received, please contact our donor relations team at 719.302.8778