Meet HSPPR Spokesdog Grace

Grace | Great Pyranees Coonhound Mix | 6 Years Old | 88 pounds
Daughter of Allison and Dr. Joseph Hegarty, Colorado Springs

Hi! I’m Grace, the new spokesdog for Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region! Do you remember my sister Gretchen, the HSPPR spokesdog in 2015? Well, my story has a very similar beginning… 

My very pregnant mom was dropped off at HSPPR in December of 2010. She was sent into their wonderful foster care program to have her litter of puppies. Fortunately, I got big enough for adoption right around Valentine’s Day – and I was my human mom Allison's Valentine’s Day present! You could say I’ve been her sweetheart from day one. 

As Gretchen will tell you, I’ve been a great big sister, in many ways. I’m not quite as athletically inclined as Gretchen, so I’ll sleep in until Gretchen and my human daddy get back from their morning run. Then we all take a nice walk together until it’s time for my noonday siesta. I’ll chase the turkeys and rabbits a bit in the yard and catch some quick ZZZ’s in the sun before dinner. But don’t be fooled by all the sleeping! Like any good watchdog, I’m ever on the alert, and my barking has already saved mom and dad from several strange dogs walking by outside, a group of turkeys and that sketchy-looking rabbit over there. On the weekends, I love hiking the trails with my family (minus the feline members, of course), and I’m great about being a watchdog there, too. I keep any eye on the whole family to make sure everyone is safe! In the winter, you’ll find me cavorting through the snowbanks and wrestling with snowflakes in the yard.  

Sounds like the life, right? I would love to bring every single one of my doggie friends at HSPPR home to live with us. I would even share my treats with them! But mom says we are all out of space. So I’m here to make sure all my friends, whom you can see here, go home with fantastic families who will love them as much as my humans love me. 

And if you can’t adopt right now, you can still show HSPPR you care and help my friends find great families like mine. Click here to make a donation so the caring folks at HSPPR can help even more lost and homeless animals.

Special thanks to Blue Fox Photography for making my photo shoot so much fun!