Meet HSPPR Spokesdog Reggie

Reggie | Llasa-Apso/Poodle Mix | 8 Years Old | 20 Pounds
Son of Mike and Christy Carroll, Colorado Springs

Oh hi, new friend! I’m Reggie, your new Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region spokesdog. I’m a proud HSPPR alum like thousands and thousands of my furry pals. My family first saw me at an HSPPR event eight years ago. They had just sadly lost one of their dogs, and even though my new dad was initially a little iffy on getting a poodle mix, I won him over with my obvious charm and good looks.

Now my life is filled with endless kisses and love!  I have a very busy social schedule. I go in to work with my dad once every week – the office really can’t function without me longer than that. I help my Dad’s assistant with her work, I greet clients, I walk around the office to make sure everyone is working productively, and when everything else is running smoothly, I make sure morale stays high by lying in the middle of the floor and giving everyone the privilege of petting me while they walk around me. In fact, some of Dad’s clients even call in to make an appointment especially when I’m there because they enjoy my help so much!

When I’m not making sure Dad’s business is operating at peak capacity, I stay busy taking an early morning stroll around our property with my best friend Sadie, a basset hound, making sure the deer on our property know who’s boss, barking at those pesky squirrels and rabbits, catching balls in the yard (did someone say FETCH?), picking up Mom’s grandkid Abby from school, and running errands with my mom. Did I mention the grandkids? I LOVE them! They’re my other best friends. I love being co-pilot of the Barbie jeep with the middle one, I love comforting them when they are scared or sad, and I LOVE taking road trips with them. Basically, where my family goes, I go!

I want to make sure my furry friends at HSPPR have the best chance possible to find this life, too. You can see my feline and canine companions who still need homes here. I tell EVERYONE I meet that I was adopted so they will all know what amazing animals you can find in a shelter. And if you can’t adopt right now, you can still show HSPPR you care!

Click here to make a donation so the folks at HSPPR can help even more lost and homeless animals find their “happy tail”!