Meet HSPPR Spokesdog Beau

  • Beau | English Cocker Spaniel | 2 Years Old | 27 pounds
    Son of Dr. Julie Newburg and Pat Bralick, Pueblo

    Hi! I’m Beau, the new spokesdog for Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region! You know, I really lucked out in life. My parents picked me out right away from the rest of my litter because I was a smart, calm, curious little guy. And I’ve been the perfect match for my people! Now I’m here to help be a spokesdog for my furry friends at HSPPR so they can all find families as wonderful as mine.

    What are my days like here in the lap of luxury you ask? Well, let me tell you. It’s the perfect life for an easy-going, happy-go-lucky guy like me! I’m an only child at the moment, which just means I get ALL the attention from my loving mom and dad. But don’t think I’m lonely! Oh no, not only do I have Mom and Dad around a lot, but I’ve got Lamby, my best friend! He’s a big stuffed lamb almost as big as I am, and I take him everywhere I go.
    Dad works from home, so we spend our days together. I sit in my bed right behind his desk to make sure he’s keeping up with all the important projects. If he looks like he’s getting bored, I’ll bring him a toy to throw to help stir up those creative juices. What would he do without me, right? Then we go for a nice walk around the neighborhood. I’m a very good boy on my walks. If anyone comes up to me, I’ll sit nicely until they put their hand out. Then I give them a kiss and wag my tail. Works like a charm every time! And of course I keep both my parents warm at night by curling up in between them.

    Yep, I’ve got it made! And I’m so proud to be able to show off my family and my life as the spokesdog at HSPPR. If I could, I would tell everyone I meet how important it is, not only to adopt my furry friends still waiting patiently for new homes, but to help support the wonderful programs HSPPR has by donating so they can save more lives. Click here to make a donation so the caring folks at HSPPR can help even more lost and homeless animals.
    Special thanks to Sarah Matula Photography for making my photo shoot so much fun!