About Us - Animal Law Enforcement

The Animal Law Enforcement (ALE) Department of Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region proudly serves the communities of Centennial, Colorado Springs, Douglas County, El Paso County, Fountain, Monument, and the City and County of Pueblo. This area encompasses approximately 5,400 square miles and over one million citizens. In 2016 the ALE Department responded to 47,050 calls for service and handled 6,730 animals.

The Animal Law Enforcement Department is divided into four regional divisions:

Each Division primarily serves their local community so they are familiar with the local Codes and Resolutions as well as the values and expectations of the community. These values and expectations are expressed in the City Codes and County Resolutions enacted by the City Councils and County Commissioners of the jurisdiction. The Codes and Resolutions are designed to encourage Responsible Pet Ownership and resolve the conflict that can arise between animals and humans in a fair and consistent manner.

The Animal Law Enforcement Department is committed to protecting, promoting, and enhancing the safety, health, and quality of life of citizens and animals by seeking long term resolution to human animal conflict through proactive enforcement of animal related laws and positive responsible pet ownership education.

2016 Quick Facts:

  • Calls for Service—47,050
  • Animal Cruelty/Neglect Investigation Responses—7,952 (4,124 reported cases)
  • Aggressive Animal Responses—1,748
  • Animal Bites—3,262
  • Animal Handled—6,730
  • Animals Returned to Owners in Field (No trip to shelter)—997 (15% of animals handled)