Being a Responsible Pet Owner

Every day, your pet shows you unconditional love … all he wants from you is the same in return.

But owning an animal means more than throwing him a ball, patting her on the head, or brushing his fur. Caring for a pet also means responsibility — to both that pet and the community. It means knowing all of Spot’s needs and taking care of him, while being considerate of others.

But what exactly does that entail?

The Animal Law Enforcement Department stresses four key components to responsible pet ownership:

  • Provide a license and permanent identification
  • Spay or neuter
  • Provide regular socialization, training, exercise and veterinary care
  • Do not allow animals to become a threat or nuisance within the community

License me. It’s the law.

Provide Animal License and Permanent Identification for Every Household Pet

An animal license and permanent identification is your pet’s ticket home. Your dog is required by law to be licensed in Centennial, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Fountain, Monument, and Pueblo City and County. Cats are also required by law to be licensed in Colorado Springs and Pueblo City/County.

A current license makes it much more likely that if your pet gets lost, you will be reunited. Permanent identification like a microchip or tattoo also increases the likelihood of your lost animal finding its way back to your loving arms.

  • All dogs and cats are required to be licensed in Colorado Springs and Pueblo City and County.
  • All pets should be permanently identified (microchipped or tattooed).
  • Animal Control Officers will attempt to return all currently licensed animals home prior to transporting them to the shelter.
  • Licensing provides a critical source of funding for animal care and control programs.

I Love Everyone. Make sure I don’t love too much.

Spay or Neuter Household Pets

It’s simple: spayed or neutered pets are more likely to enjoy good health and a long life. Spaying and neutering:

  • Reduces pet overpopulation — 43,000 animals are euthanized in Colorado every  year.
  • Significantly decreases the cost of licensing.
  • Makes for more sociable and affectionate pets.
  • Reduces disease, infection and cancer of pet’s reproductive systems.
  • Prevents inappropriate spraying or marking.
  • Stops cats’ crying, howling and frantic efforts to get out and mate.

Sit. Stay. Smile.

Provide Regular Socialization, Training, Exercise and Veterinarian Care

Training builds confidence and strengthens the human-animal bond. A well-socialized pet will help ensure that he is able to live with as little stress as possible and be welcome in any setting. It is important to your pet’s heath and mental wellbeing to exercise regularly. (It’s good for you too!) Keeping vaccinations up to date and making regular visits to a veterinarian allows you to enjoy a healthy pet.

  • Take an obedience class to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog.
  • Play with your pet and provide socialization opportunities to help reduce behavioral problems.
  • Ensure your dog or cat is groomed regularly, and receives the optimal amount of quality pet food and fresh water.
  • Visit a veterinarian. It’s important your pet sees a vet on a regular basis for vaccinations and check-ups. An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.

Howdy Neighbor!

Don't Allow Pet to Become a Threat or Nuisance in the Community.

Know and obey all animal laws. Make sure you have a secure enclosure so your pet will not run loose.

  • Know your responsibilities and the laws related to pets.
  • Leash your dogs when off your property, except when walking in a designated off-leash area.
  • Are you a dog owner? Scoop the poop! You must pick up and properly dispose of your dog’s defecation both on and off your property.
  • Ensure your dog does not bite, injure, chase, threaten, bark, howl at or disturb anyone.
  • Keep your cats inside. Or at a minimum, cats should be confined to your property and be permanently identified at all times.

The Animal Law Enforcement Department strives to ensure that animals, their owners and neighbors live in safety and harmony.