Centennial Animal Law Enforcement

The Centennial Division of Animal Law Enforcement (ALE) provides animal control services to the City of Centennial.

ALE’s primary function is to enforce Ordinances, Codes, and Colorado Revised Statutes that address domestic animals.  These laws primarily pertain to:

  • Animals running at large
  • Bites (domestic and wild animals)
  • Cruelty to animals
  • Dangerous animals
  • Keeping of animals/sanitary requirements
  • Licensing and vaccination requirements
  • Noisy pets

Animal Law Enforcement Officers are empowered with authority by the Cities and Counties served.  Officers may also be Agents of the Bureau of Animal Protection.  All ALE Officers are recognized as Peace Officers by 30-15-105 and 30-42-107 C.R.S.

ALE also proactively pursues resolution to human animal conflict by providing positive responsible pet ownership education.  In 2010 the ALE Department attended more than 120 public events.

2014 Quick Facts

  • Calls for Service—6,299
  • Animal Cruelty/Neglect Investigation Responses—361
  • Aggressive Animal Responses—49
  • Animal Bites—165
  • Animal Handled—369
  • Animals Returned to Owners in Field (No trip to shelter)—251 (68% of animals handled)