Laws & Ordinances

Below are direct links to the Codes and Resolutions in Centennial as well as the Colorado Revised Statutes pertaining to animals which the ALE Department also enforces in all of the communities served.  This information is being provided as a convenience for citizens.  The Animal Law Enforcement Department strives to keep this information current but does not guarantee its accuracy and citizens should always check with their local jurisdiction to ensure they have the most complete and accurate information available.


Centennial City Code

Colorado State Statues - reference the following:

  • Title 18 Criminal Code
  • Article 9 Offenses Against Public Peace, Order and Decency
  • Part 2 Cruelty to Animals

How many dogs/cats can I legally own?

City of Centennial: Four (4) adult dogs or four adult cats, or a combination of both of up to four at one residence. An adult dog or cat is defined a dog or cat that is four months of age or older. City of Centennial Sec. 7-7-340. Limits on number of dogs and cats.