Pet Licensing

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Every day, your pet shows you unconditional love and it’s easy yet rewarding for you to return the favor. Owning a pet also brings obligations and responsibilities to the pet and the community. Responsible pet ownership means knowing your pet’s needs and taking care of your pet while being considerate of others.

The Animal Law Enforcement Department strives to ensure that animals, their owners and neighbors live in safety and harmony by encouraging the four key components of Responsible Pet Ownership.

  • Provide license and permanent identification
  • Spay or neuter
  • Provide regular socialization, training, exercise, and veterinary care
  • Do not allow animals to become a threat or nuisance within the community

Most of us remember to get our pet spayed or neutered, walk, and keep our animals in their yards, but only about 25% of citizens remember to license their dogs and only 3% license their cats. If only more of us took 10 minutes out of year and expended a small sum of money we could help protect public safety, health, and the welfare of animals. 

All DOGS residing in Centennial, Colorado Springs, El Paso County (resolution areas), Fountain, Monument, and the City and County of Pueblo must be licensed.  All CATS residing in Colorado Springs and the City and County of Pueblo must be licensed.  Cat licensing in other jurisdictions is strongly recommended.

A dog or cat license enables Animal Law Enforcement to return your missing animal to you and tells strangers your pet is not a stray and needs to be returned to his family.  If you do not license your dog or cat you could face a fine and/or increased cost to reclaim your animal should he be impounded.  Please refer to the following pages for more details:

How do I purchase a license?