August 22, 2023

Meet HSPPR Spokesdog Griffin!

Hey you! I’m Griffin, a goofy Great Dane who’s excited to be the newest spokesdog for Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region!

I’m a big guy, weighing in at 110 lbs., and I’m almost two years old – my birthday is in December! My journey with the fantastic Hegarty family began when they adopted me in February 2023. Since then, I’ve been living my best dog life alongside my human parents, two awesome dog sisters, and three curious cat siblings.

My personality? Oh, I’ve got plenty of that! Sweet, affectionate, and lovable pretty much sum me up. I thrive on attention and belly rubs are my weakness. Having my ears scratched is like a canine spa day for me. I’m super chill, happy to lounge around, cuddle up with my family, and snooze away in a big, comfy bed.

Like many Great Danes, I’m a leaner! But don’t blame me; being pet just feels too good. Speaking of being pet, I might even find a way to sit on your lap to give you no other choice but to pet me. I’ve been known to do some expert counter-surfing. Once, I nabbed a couple of human dinners before they even hit the stove. Oops!

Indoors, you’ll find me surrounded by my toys and bones. My bed by the living room windows is my prime spot since I can keep tabs on the world outside and let out a loud bark when something interesting happens. I’m a fan of stuffed squeaky toys, chew bones, antlers, and I love to show off pillows by carrying them all over the house. The zoomies strike me a couple of times a day! I race around the house, up and down stairs, until I wear myself out. It’s a blast!

Outdoors, I love my walks. Running free in the off-leash areas is a real treat. I might stop to gaze at other creatures, and I can’t fight the urge to chase a rabbit when I see one. Rain and super-hot days aren’t really my jam, so I sometimes prefer my shady backyard or the wonderful air conditioning at home.

Speaking of home, I’ve got quite the family! Grace and Gretchen are my dog sisters and they’re HSPPR alums! We’re a pack and spend a lot of time together. As for the cats, they’re pretty cool too. Ella, Cole, and Riley are my feline buddies. I had never seen a cat before, but I’m all about being a gentle giant and playing with Ella! Even with a 102 lb. weight difference, Ella has no fear of jumping on my tail and batting my nose.

Life as Griffin is full of joy, companionship, and plenty of quirky moments. From belly rubs to playing with my siblings and from napping by the window to leaning against my favorite humans, I’m living the doggy dream.

See you at Pawtoberfest on September 16th where I’ll be the leader of the pack at the dog walk!