October 15, 2020

Meet HSPPR Spokesdog Nala!

dachshund sitting on couch winking at camera
Nala is an 18 pound, 17.5-year-old dachshund.

Hello. I’m Nala, the new spokesdog for HSPPR. Yep, down here, hiding in my bed. Don’t worry, I warm up with a little love, and I’ll come out and say hi in no time! But I can talk just fine from here, and I really want to tell you all about myself. Remember spokesdog Willie from last year? That’s my brother! He came from HSPPR, just like thousands and thousands of my furry friends. Me, I have a pretty sad story too. My owner had a terminal illness, so Safe Place for Pets, another worthwhile animal welfare organization, was trying to find me a new home. My mom and dad belong to a group called the LowRiders Dachshund group, and that group was sharing my picture and trying to find me a new home. Even though I was very shy and already 16 years old, my mom and dad knew they could give me the quiet, loving home I needed for my retirement. And so I joined the Darby Dachshund clan!

Now how do I spend my days? Well, a lady needs her beauty sleep, and I get LOTS of it. My mom and dad got me some super comfortable beds with lots of blankets to hide in if I get scared. But I’m getting scared less and less these days. My brother Willie protects me and cuddles me whenever I need it, and Mom and Dad are pretty great too! They give me so much yummy food and gentle headscratches, and I know, even if I only get a few years with them, they have made these last few years some of the best of my life. They installed a ramp into the backyard since I can’t climb down stairs, so now I have a nice, easy way to enjoy the outside air with Willie when I want. Sometimes I even have enough energy still to play with him for a few minutes! But my favorite thing is just to sit in comfort and have my wonderful family all around me. It’s so nice to feel safe and happy, don’t you agree?

You know, senior pets like me need a lot of extra love and care. I tell everyone I meet that I was adopted – because seniors really make the best pets! Don’t pass up that sweet senior, just because she’s a little older. HSPPR does so many wonderful things for even the senior pets that come in! They do lump biopsies and dentals and bloodwork – you name it! It makes me so happy to know that senior pets at HSPPR have the chance to find wonderful homes for their retirement, just like I did. And I want to make sure all the seniors at HSPPR continue to have the best chance possible to find this life, too. You can find out more about my canine and feline friends here!

And if you can’t adopt right now, you can still show HSPPR you care and help my friends find a great family like mine. Click here to make a donation so the caring folks at HSPPR can help even more lost and homeless animals!

couple sitting on couch with their three dachshunds
Nala poses with her parents Susan and Terry Darby and siblings Ziggy and Willie. Nala is the oldest of the Darby dogs.