January 3, 2022

Meet HSPPR Spokesdog Ziggy!

a brown long-haired dachshund is standing and looking at the camera
Ziggy is a 19 pound, 12-year-old dachshund.
Meet HSPPR Spokesdog Ziggy!

Hello! I’m Ziggy, the newest spokesdog for Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. You might think I look familiar, and that’s because I am! HSPPR’s last two spokesdogs were my brother and sister, Willie and Nala, my predecessors in the Darby Dachsund Clan. I joined the Darby family in 2016 when my previous owner needed to go into assisted living and couldn’t take me with, but she wanted to make sure that I found the best home possible. My new parents, Susan and Terry Darby, decided to adopt me when their veterinarian called to let them know that another client had an older dachshund that needed a nice home. I settled in immediately and these last five years have been relaxing in my older age, exactly what a happy and loving doggo needed.

Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Not me! In my new home, I had to learn how to use steps, a doggy door, and living with another furry family member. I love going to the groomer to freshen up my brown fur where I can say “hello” to the other dogs and cats before coming home with a brand-new bandana to show off! Some of my other favorite activities include going on walks around the neighborhood, sitting on your lap, and being loved on. Even though I’m super cute and like to meet other people and children on my walks, I also protect the house when I’m on duty against any potential scary threats….until you admire and pet me anyway. 

a brown, long-haired dachshund is laying on a chair and looking at the camera

I have my very own basket of toys in the kitchen and before each meal, I have to take out four or five and spread them around the house, squeaking them as much as possible in the process. I especially love my big honkin’ goose, monkey, and squeaky camper van toy that was given to me by my friends over at HSPPR.

Senior pets like me need a lot of extra love, care, and attention. HSPPR adopts out other senior pets like me and they do so many wonderful things for them! I’m so happy that HSPPR helps older pets find new homes for their retirement so they can have a life like mine too. You can find out more about my animal friends at HSPPR here! And if you can’t adopt right now, you can still show HSPPR you care and help my friends find a great family like mine. Click here to make a donation so the caring folks at HSPPR can help even more lost and homeless animals!

an older, white couple sits on a couch while holding two senior dachshunds
Susan, Terry, Ziggy, and Ollie