Bella Brown aka "Belly"

Our beloved Belly girl passed away very unexpectantly nearly 6 months ago on Wednesday, February 18, 2015, at the age of 13. She was our very special little girl. We loved her face with the sooo expressive, intelligent and knowing eyes, her little stubby tail that vibrated at propeller speed when she was excited about something. She had such a presence and intelligence and would be the ruler of our family of 3 dogs and 3 cats and on top of that look especially out for Mom and Dad. Even when her arthritis was beginning to really hurt and almost incapacitate her, she would hobble down the concrete steps and wait behind the garage door for my return. I had to eventually block those steps as I was afraid she would really hurt herself. As her name and figure indicates, Belly loved to eat and when Mom was in the kitchen so was she. When she was skipping her first meal in her entire life, we knew something was very wrong. It was confirmed the next day that she had only days to live. Even after nearly 6 months we still miss her so very much. She will be in our hearts forever and we will never have an animal friend quite like her. Rest in piece, little girl, and we will meet again!