Big Mac

I love you my sweet Mackie, I miss you so much and I'm so sorry you had to leave the Earth so young. I wish I had gotten more time with you sweet boy. I miss you. I'm so sorry I couldn't do more to save you but I know that you wouldn't have wanted to suffer more treatments. I keep waiting for you to bark at me when I come through the door. I keep remembering that I need to take you out but I know you're gone. Sweet boy I want you to know that you're missed and I know that the vet cried when she knew she couldn't save you. I really miss taking you for walks and with all this snow it just makes me feel worse because you aren't here to walk by and take a bite out of it. You were my first small dog and you gave me the best experience possible, I really hope I made your life good too. I just remember on that last day I was crying so hard and now I wish I would have sung to you. I am glad that I was there to hold you in your last moments on Earth. I just remember your head smelled so good, like muffins or cupcakes. I wish that I could be sitting next to you right now because you made everything a little brighter. It was so nice to have such a mellow dog because I could take you anywhere like when we walked up to Blake's school you were so calm you didn't even bark. When you were sitting next to me I actually enjoyed homework and boring typing lessons. I was so happy when I had you because you were the first pet to love me best. I will never forget the time you walked up the stairs being the chubby chubs you were just to be near me. I will also never forget the day I met you, you were sleeping in your kennel and you wouldn't even roll over but at one point you did. I loved how you would wag your little tail under your fat body whenever you saw me, it made me feel like the most special person on earth. I hope I made your life a little bit better while I was in it. I know HSPPR found you as a stray, I am not sure who would be crazy enough to give up a dog as sweet as you. I always laughed so hard when you were barking at the guinea pigs because you were so intent on them but they barley noticed you, you let one sit on you though. I was so excited to bring you to Breckenridge and hike with you and play with you in the tents. I wish we could have made that memory but I am so glad to have been able to make so many others with you, like when you were walking the wrong we and all we had to do was turn you and you would walk with us. I loved how you reacted to the cats, you always chased them like you would catch them I loved to watch it. You were fine with two cats but you never liked Vernon even though he tried so hard to be friends with you. And the time when you saw our cat Vernon and you chased him through the yard and almost got stuck under the car, and how you were such good friends with the Great Dane from across the street, even though you could only smell her leg. I will never forget waking up on the valentines day morning and seeing you in a red bow with your cute matching green leash and collar on the bed, I was so excited about having my own dog. Everyone loved you so much like in Petco how everyone said you were so cute and how everyone wanted to get your leash and harness fitted to you. It hurt so much to lose you but I am so glad I got to have you in my life. I really love you and miss you my sweet angel. It is so hard to accept the fact that you're gone. I will never forget the memories we shared my sweet Mac, I miss you. I love you and miss you my sweetie. Love Brooke