Boo Boo

On Reflection of My Life with Boo There's just something about good dogs. If you've had one you know. Missing the opportunity is missing a part of the human experience. Bonds built strong over millennia of shared experience have woven our lives together so thoroughly that without doubt we are better together than alone. We tend to focus on how much we teach them - Boo could hold a steak in her cheek and not take a bite until given the word. Just one tiny trick of the many she could do. It's easy to take for granted how well they read us, how fluently they listen. But what's really amazing is not what I taught her, but what she had to teach all of us: That the best thing in life is being together. That a good adventure does wonders for the soul. That politics, religion, and race are far less important than getting along and finding happiness in each other's company. That being together makes the darkness less black and the woods not quite so spooky. That one of the best parts of our day is when we get to see each other again. Boo, if you could hear me, these are the words I would tell you. And that I wish everyone could have a dog as good as you. Thank you HSPPR for saving our girl, way back in 2004 and for giving her a safe place to be until we found each other.