In November of 2002, my mom and sister found my sweet baby boy living in a house full of cats, a precious little white fluff-ball looking for his forever home. They brought him to me and my life instantly changed for the better. Every moment with Reilly was a gift. His smile could brighten even the worst possible day. He had a gentle spirit, a funny personality, a zest for life and a loving nature. He also had keen intuition about people; he knew who was good and who he needed to protect me from. We loved each other unconditionally. He never held a grudge and never failed to be ecstatically happy when I’d come home at the end of the day, even if I had to work late. When he got sick, I was devastated but he was my little trouper. Every day of his life I was so proud to call him mine, it was like I had accomplished something incredible because he turned out to be so wonderful. When I lost him on March 10, 2016, after more than 13 years of pure joy, love, laughter and dog kisses, I lost a piece of my heart. But, as difficult as the loss of my sweet Reilly has been, I know that I am a better person because he was a part of my life. Simply put, he was perfect.