Animals at Pueblo Animal Services

We provide compassionate care for over 6,000 animals each year. Most of the animals that come to our shelter are either pets relinquished by their owners, or stray pets found wandering loose in the areas we serve.

Dogs and cats are the most common, although a wide variety of other animals come to reside with us as well. Birds, snakes, fish, hamsters and guinea pigs, in addition to larger animals such as horses and goats, are also occasionally available for adoption.

Municipal ordinances require that all stray animals be held for a period of 5 days in order to give their owners a chance to claim them. After the 5 day holding period, the pet may then be available for adoption. During that time, however, it is possible to reserve a pet through our choice program, which allows you to have first choice to adopt the pet if the owner does not claim it.