Pet Care and Animal Behavior

Welcome to Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region's online library for pet owners. We hope you find thse behavior and safety tips useful. Please remember that not all solutions will work for all pets. Every pet is unique, and a professional trainer or behaviorist may be the best solution for you. Thank you for caring about your pet's safety and well-being! 

Finding a PetOther Resources 
Is Now the Right Time to Adopt?Grieving the Loss of Your Pet
Selecting the Right PetMoving
Cats and Kittens - Behavioral Dogs and Puppies - Behavioral
Aggression Between Family Cats Bark! Bark! Bark!
Aggression Toward PeopleBiting
Cat to Cat IntroductionChewing
Destructive ScratchingDigging
Introducing Your New Cat to Other PetsDogs and Kids - Responsible Parenting
Rough PlayDogs and Kids - What to Watch Out For
Surviving the Feline TeensIssues with Assertive and Controlling Dogs
 Pet Dog Trainers
 Fear of Thunder/Loud Noises
 Separation Anxiety
Cats and Kittens - GeneralDogs and Puppies - General
Allergic to Cats?Crate Training - Benefits
Cat ToysCrate Training - How To
Indoors or Out?Indoors or Out?
Talkative Cats 
Cats and Kittens - Litter BoxDogs and Puppies - House Training
Feline Territorial MarkingHousetraining Puppies
Litter Box RejectionHousetraining Troubleshooting
Litter Box TrainingOdors and Stains
Cats and Kittens - Medical Dogs and Puppies - Medical
Feline Upper Respiratory SyndromeCanine Parvo Virus
 Canine Upper Respiratory Illness