READY Pet: Prepare for an Emergency

It's not a matter of if, but when. Make a plan for evacuating and taking care of pets in the event of a disaster. Animals need emergency supplies, too. This information, prepared by READY Colorado, will help you get started.

You should always plan to evacuate with your pets. Pack a kit to sustain yourself, family members and pets for at least 72 hours, and remember to rotate kit stock often. Don't forget to print off the READY Pet Checklist and READY Important Pet Info before disaster strikes.

Why is it important to have an Emergency Plan for both people and pets?

Pet owners have additional challenges when an evacuation is required, and share a natural instinct to not leave pets behind. Personal, community and state plans to support animal evacuation and sheltering are essential in protecting both people and pets.

Where can I take pets if I'm evacuated?

Make a list of friends and family who would be willing to take your pets on a temporary basis. Other locations include veterinary hospitals, boarding kennels and public evacuation shelters. Some hotels allow pets, and you can find out here.