Volunteer Opportunities

Shelter Volunteer Positions:

Volunteers work side-by-side with shelter staff, and provide much needed support for programs that improve the quality of life for shelter animals. They allow us to achieve excellence in all that we do for the animals, making the community a better place for both people and pets. From helping with daily feeding and cleaning, to socializing and providing mental and behavioral enrichment for our dogs and cats, to assisting customers in locating a lost pet, our volunteers help in countless ways every day of the year. Our schedule and program requirements may vary throughout the year, and program availability is based on the needs of our animals and customers.

Foster Care Program:

Frequently, animals come to the shelter that are not quite ready for adoption. They may be sick, injured, too young, nursing babies or have some behavioral issues that need to be worked with outside of the shelter. Foster volunteers provide a temporary, safe, clean and nurturing environment for these animals until they are ready for adoption.

The benefits can be extremely rewarding - you’ll receive unconditional love from your foster animal and the joy of knowing that you were able to help save a shelter animal. This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for any individuals or families willing to make a short-term commitment for our organization. Foster Care volunteers must schedule a state-required home visit prior to fostering animals and are encouraged to take breaks in between fostering animals.

Community Cats Program:

This exciting opportunity to help make a difference in addressing the cat overpopulation problem within our community accepts volunteers all year round! Volunteers will primarily assist with transporting cats to and from Pueblo Animal Services (PAS) and releasing them at designated sites. This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for anyone who is looking for lots of flexibility in their volunteer schedule. Attending a Community Cats Info Night is required before being able to volunteer in this position.

Community Animal Response Team (CART):

CART provides professional preparedness response and recovery, resources and community education to ensure the health and welfare of animals before, during and after a disaster recovery. Our vision is a community prepared to support animals in a disaster. Learn more about how to join our team today!