2021 HSPPR Volunteer Superstars

A young, blonde woman smiling with a black and white dog

…animals and to HSPPR. Rob Cromer When your wife, Fiona, is the Foster Care Program Manager at HSPPR, you literally never know what will show up at your door…. or…

Don’t Kitnapp

…your help Thin, wet, and cold. She has discharge from the eyes. Thin, wet, and cold. You can see her backbone. Noisy, dirty, and sick. He has nasal discharge and…

All-Pro Landing Page

…would be a lifelong commitment. “When you’re helping pets, you’re helping people,” Tony says. After moving to Colorado, Tony and his wife searched for ways to support animal welfare locally….

2020 HSPPR Volunteer Superstars

HSPPR volunteer giving a treat to a small black dog

…grateful to have them as part of the HSPPR family. Rhonda Danforth When talking about Rhoda, it’s quicker to ask what she doesn’t do here at the shelter! Rhoda has…