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a compassionate community where animals and people are cared for and valued

A dog wandering along a roadway, cars rushing past. An abandoned cat left in a deserted apartment. An underfed dog in a backyard with no food or water. For most of us, our pets are members of our family. But that's not the case for all animals. Who takes care of them and protects them? We believe that animals matter, and together we can do what’s best for the pets and people in our community.

Founded in 1949, Humane Society of the Pikes Region is the largest animal welfare group for homeless and abused animals in Southern Colorado, comprising of two campuses – one in Colorado Springs and one in Pueblo – as well as animal control offices in Centennial and Douglas County. HSPPR is a local, independent nonprofit not affiliated with national organizations such as ASPCA or Humane Society of the United States and relies on donations to fund its work. Passionate and dedicated staff rescue and care for animals in distress, provide medical care for abused and injured animals, reunite lost pets with their owners, find loving homes for homeless animals, and investigate animal cruelty and enforce animal ordinances.

As an open admission shelter, HSPPR helps all animals in need – no animal is turned away. That’s more than 26,000 animals a year affected by the mission. HSPPR works every day to end the euthanasia of unwanted animals through extensive community outreach and innovative programs. You can help by encouraging friends and families to adopt a homeless pet, volunteering your time or supporting our life-saving programs by making a donation. We are better together.

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Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

We're Better Together