Black cats are steeped in superstition...

We hope you haven’t waited until the last minute to plan your pet’s costume - time is running out! It’s also the time of year when some well-intentioned animal lovers beg us to halt adoptions of black cats and dogs. While they have the best intentions, we want to clear up the myth.

The fact is there is a clear lack of evidence black cats and dogs are snatched up for ritualistic abuse or sacrifice. We frequently hear rumors about pets going missing or being tortured, but no confirmed statistics, court cases, or studies support these claims. Are black cats and dogs at increased risk of harm at Halloween? According to experts at the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the answer is no. By ceasing adoptions of black cats and dogs, animals would spend more time in the shelter when they could be home.

Nonetheless, we always recommend keeping your pets safe and sound inside on Halloween so they don’t get scared by the goblins ringing your doorbell. And rest assured here at the shelter, no matter the time of year, our adopters meet with an adoption counselor first, complete an application, and provide identification before taking a new pet home.

Furthermore, it’s a common misconception black cats and dogs have a harder time getting adopted. True, there are many black cats and dogs entering shelters (they are a popular color!), but research indicates they are not adopted any less quickly than their more colorful counterparts.

So spread the word, and may a black cat or dog cross your path this Halloween and bring you unconditional love. Oscar (pictured above, ID #1388836) by the way is available for adoption! See all our friends in need of a loving new home here.

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