Breaking Records and Getting Pets Home for the Holidays!

Cindy and Mike of Status Symbol Auto Body and Bill and Debbie of Dent-Tec together pledged to donate $25 to our life-saving programs for every pet that found a home (or was lost and was returned home to their owners) in the month of December. Our goal for December 2019 was to get 1,100 pets Home for the Holidays, and we exceeded that number with 997 adoptions and 265 pets returned home safely.

An Adoption Happy Tail from our Home for the Holidays Campaign:

When Ghost the cat arrived at our Colorado Spring shelter in early December, it was immediately clear that something was wrong with his eye. It was crusted over and appeared infected, and Ghost was acting shy, timid and a little scared.

After our veterinary team examined him, they noted he had an abscess in his eye, and the best way to avoid future infection was to remove it. We did exactly that, and afterwards, it was obvious Ghost was feeling better! He was always purring, trying to play with staff and wanting all the snuggles.

He found a home with a wonderful cat mom the day after Christmas! Does that make him the Ghost of Christmas Present?

Reunited and it Feels so Good!

Chewbacca had a bit of a scare on December 18, when he was spotted on I-25 causing hold-ups for traffic. Fortunately, our Animal Law Enforcement was able to respond quickly and get him off the highway to safety. The very next day he was reunited with his loving family! Chewbacca (as we found out he is called) was VERY nervous with us, but as soon as he saw his daddy, he ran to the front of his kennel, tail a-wagging. We are so happy we were able to reunite Chewbacca safely with his people!

Running the Numbers…

We exceeded our goal and sent 1,262 pets Home for the Holidays from our Colorado Springs shelter last month! We are so grateful to Cindy, Mike, Bill and Debbie for their outstanding support, and we can’t wait to use this money to save more homeless animal lives! We are also incredibly appreciative of our supporters in the communities we serve, because without all the help, we wouldn’t be able to get so many pets adopted or safely returned home.

And now the number you’ve been waiting for. Drumroll please… Even though we didn’t finalize our contract with the city and county of Pueblo to perform adoptions until July at our Pueblo campus, we still reached a RECORD NUMBER of adoptions, with 12,446 pets in both our shelters finding new, loving owners and 4,730 pets being returned safely home after getting lost! Huge, HUGE thank you to our communities for helping us get so many wonderful pets the families they deserve!

Cheers to making 2020 another record year!