Cooper’s Happy Tail

We’re better together! Read an update on Cooper and how happy he is with his new family!

It's Cooper's 1 year anniversary with us. Last year, this weekend, HSPPR let us adopt the little man. At first he was twitchy about being here, because he was twitchy about his entire life. For days he wouldn't leave the black couch, so I hung out with him on it. Then he left the black couch, but would only stare at me from around various furniture. Then he branched out, and napped with me. And expressed his desire for all pink toys, beds and other things. And sometime over the last year he stepped into the shoes left by his departed older sister Dagny. While she used to sleep on my shoulder, he licks my bald head. Life is sometimes about loss, but loss often brings unexpected opportunities. And sometimes it brings slightly insane little black ninjas who like to lick foreheads. Go figure.