Dog Injured in Severe Dog Attack Back Home with Family

A dog attacked by two dogs is recovering at home today thanks to the efforts of Pueblo Animal Services.

Last week, Pueblo Animal Services Animal Law Enforcement team got a frantic call about two aggressive dogs attacking a third dog. Officer Reed responded immediately. Two loose dogs had broken into the backyard of a home and were attacking the resident dog, Koda, who was unresponsive but alive.

Officer Reed called for backup, then called upon her defensive dog training in order to save Koda’s life. She was able to use her baton to push one of the attacking dogs away from Koda while guarding herself against attack from the second dog. Once the dogs had moved away, she dragged Koda outside of the gate and barricaded the two dogs in Koda’s kennel.

Her fellow officers arrived as backup and the attacking dogs were safely catchpoled. Officer Reed and the owners headed to an after-hours clinic. Unfortunately, Koda’s owners couldn’t afford the extensive care Koda would need to recover, so Officer Reed brought Koda back to PAS instead. We rushed Koda to our staff veterinarian, Dr. Patti, who immediately gave her a full examination. The lacerations on Koda’s neck went all the way through her trachea, and she was having trouble breathing. She also was severely cut up on her front legs and face. Dr. Patti readied Koda for surgery and was able to surgically repair the majority of Koda’s wounds. Koda stayed with us for a few more days while she was recovering, and we are so happy to report that Koda was able to go back home with her loving family.

See Koda’s Happy Tail picture here. Koda’s owner is available to talk about the attack and how Koda is doing now, and Animal Law Enforcement is available to speak on the attack and their defensive dog training.