Finding Your Pet’s Way Back Home for the Holidays

We at HSPPR are so grateful for our Home for the Holidays donors in Colorado Springs! Cindy and Mike of Status Symbol Auto Body and Bill and Debbie of Dent-Tec together will be donating $25 to our life-saving programs for every pet that finds a home this December. This doesn’t mean just adoptions—this blog will discuss how getting pets back home to their owners is a top priority!

Finding their way home for the holidays:

We often refer to our customer service team as “detectives” because they do so much work to track down pet owners. From checking the microchips against multiple databases, to filling out found reports, to searching lost reports, to searching through local lost and found pet Facebook pages, we exhaust all possible options. We know pets are family, and we’d want the same treatment if someone found one of our own pets!

The legal stray wait period is three days before an animal officially becomes our property. Then, we can legally adopt them out. However, in most cases, we wait a full five days before putting an animal up for adoption, because that’s how long it can take before we have exhausted all other options. We NEVER put an animal up for adoption until all possible leads on an owner have dried up.

This is also why ensuring proper identification for your pet is so important. Microchips are as small as a grain of rice and allow us to immediately identify a pet’s owner and get his/her contact information. That’s why every cat and dog adopted from HSPPR receives one. However, they aren’t perfect! While we scan every single animal multiple times for a microchip, it is possible for them to move in the body, making them difficult to detect. In addition, if an owner’s information is not up-to-date, it can make it difficult to get in touch. So, we urge all pet owners to make sure your fur babies are always wearing accurate and readable collars and tags! It makes it much easier for our team to reunite you with your lost pet even faster.
In fact, in just the first half of December 2019, we reunited 218 pets with their owners!

December Happy Tails from our Lost and Found!


These great pets all found their Home for the Holidays by reunited with their families this holiday season!

Sophie’s Happy Tail! Sophie, a lovely German Shepherd, came in to our shelter after she was attacked by another dog. She had bite wounds all over her front legs, head and ears. We immediately put her on IV fluids and medication to ward off any possible infections. We put a drain through the largest bite wound on her head, so that any fluid buildup would automatically drip out, preventing any infections. We also cleaned and stitched her other bite wounds to ensure proper healing. After eight days of medication and treatment, Sophie recovered! But, we know pets are family, so we contacted her owner, and they were reunited once again, with an affordable payment plan put in place. We are thrilled to know Sophie got to go #HomeForTheHolidays!

Lucy’s Happy Tail! Lucy is a pit bull mix who was found impaled by a fence in her thigh. Luckily, the fence she was stuck on belonged to a good Samaritan, who didn’t know this dog, but took it upon herself to bring her to our Colorado Springs shelter. Our veterinary team immediately got to work, stitched her up, and monitored her closely for infection and pain over the next few days. After searching for his dog all over, her owner learned his dog was at HSPPR and came in to reclaim her! They both were so excited to be reunited once again, all thanks to a kind woman who didn’t turn a blind eye to a pet in need.

Lost or found a pet?

If you’ve found a pet, please bring it to one of our shelter locations and fill out a found report so we can work to find its owner. Our lost and found hours in Colorado Springs are from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily and in Pueblo are from  8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. If you’ve found a pet and think it may be dangerous, don’t risk getting injured! Please contact Animal Law Enforcement at 719.302.8798. Finally, if you’ve lost a pet, take a look at our database of found pets and fill out a lost report as soon as possible.