In Honor of Bella, A Pawtoberfest Tail

Read this memorial to Bella, written after our Pawtoberfest event last year.

We wanted to share the most touching story to come out of last year's #Pawtoberfest event. Beautiful Bella was adopted as a puppy from HSPPR 14 years ago. Since that day, she has been to every single Pawtoberfest festival, even back before our big fundraiser was called "Pawtoberfest." It was always one of Bella's favorite activities; she loved taking on the All Breed Rescue & Training agility course and taking part in the dog walk/run in the morning. A few weeks before the 2017 event, Bella's health began to decline. She couldn't move well and became confused easily. Her loving parents knew her time was coming, but they decided they couldn't let her go without giving her one last Pawtoberfest experience. Her dad even slept on the floor with her the night before Pawtoberfest to make sure she would make it through the night. Bella got to eat all the people food she wanted and play in the sunshine and meet new doggie friends and watch the agility course with her family one more time on Saturday, and on Sunday, her people were there for her as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Bella, as broken as our hearts are for your parents who miss you so much, we are so glad you had an amazing 14 years with your loving family. And we are so happy we got to help make your last day with them special. Rest in peace, sweet girl.