Kids and Quarantine: Animal Lessons to Keep Them Learning

Kids are spending significantly more time at home, and parents are running out of ideas to keep them learning, entertained, and enriched. Luckily, HSPPR has your back! Our own Education Programs Manager, Tom Schermerhorn, has compiled a few activities and resources for fun and learning for the whole family, including your furry friends!

1. Learn about the “4 Ls”. Take a walk with this document from the San Diego Humane Society, and teach the kiddos how to Look at, Listen to, Learn about, and Leave alone the all the critters you see along the way. Finish it off with an activity that teaches kids which animals are wild, and which make great pets!

2. At the end of the day, dogs are still animals, and humans must learn to live with and respect them, as much as they need to do the same for us. In this “Don’t Pet a Dog Who Is…” coloring sheet, you can help your little ones learn about when it’s safe to pet and play with a dog, and when it’s best to leave them be.

3. Straight from the San Diego Humane Society is a lesson on How to be “Doggone Smart,” which teaches kids about dog emotions, dog safety, and introductions to new dogs. It includes coloring, word scrambles, and more! Along the same line is the “How to be Friends with Dogs” and “Canine Common Courtesies” booklets from the Oregon Humane Society, which include fun activities to do with your dog, and information on dog safety, including when your child meets another person’s dog.

4. Lakes Animal Friendship Society’s “Be Kind and Stay Safe” activity book includes lots of games, puzzles, and more to teach young ones how to safely live with cats and dogs. It includes everything from word searches and word scrambles to math problems and drawing games—all while the kids get to learn about animals!

5. Community cats are common in many neighborhoods, and this “Community Cat Colouring Book” from Lakes Animal Friendship Society teaches kids all about them. Brush up on the differences between abandoned cats, stray cats, and feral cats, and learn about the need to spay/neuter community cats, all while coloring and having fun!

6. In this “Choose to adopt a shelter pet” coloring sheet from the San Diego Humane Society, kids get the opportunity to have creative outlet while learning about the types of animals available for adoption in their local shelters.

There are also lots of great online resources for your kids to check out including HEARTRed Rover, Heartland Humane Shelter’s Dog and Cat Lesson Plans, as well as The Family Dog’s fun dog safety videos.

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