Pet-ique Sale: They’re not old. They’re vintage!

To help our fantastic senior pets find wonderful new homes even faster, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is waiving the adoption fees on 30 senior pets starting August 18. Thanks to the generosity of Mike and Cindy of Status Symbol Auto Body and Bill and Debbie of Dent-Tec, the first 19 dogs and 11 cats 7 years or older will be free to adopt.

Mike, Cindy, Bill and Debbie have been avid HSPPR supporters for many years, and they are all HSPPR adopters! Kate, daughter of Mike and Cindy, is a boxer mix who was adopted in April of this year. She was rescued from a hoarding situation, so she has a bit of anxiety. Once they saw her face, though, Mike and Cindy were hooked! They’ve been working with Kate to help her feel safe and loved at all times, and she’s made amazing progress in the few months they’ve had her. She has two siblings, Rusty, a golden mix, and Tasha, a black lab.

Bill and Debbie adopted Bear a few years ago at HSPPR’s annual Fur Ball event. Bill specifically told Debbie before they went they were not adopting any dogs. The next thing Debbie knew, he was bidding on an adorable black flat-coated retriever puppy who had stolen his heart! Bear just loves his big brother Bruno, a wooley husky, and his two feline friends, Binx and Little.

Cindy and Debbie have been rescuing pets since they were both little girls. In fact, one time when Debbie was young, she was out riding her bike, and she drove by a Safeway. There was a black puppy there trying to get inside the building, and she heard the store manager say, “If that dog comes in here one more time, I’m going to take him to the pound.” She picked up the puppy, put him in her bike basket, and drove all the way back home to rescue him. She named him Prince, and he became her childhood friend!


Debbie and Bear with Cindy and Kate

And now, thanks to their generosity, 30 more families will be able to experience the unconditional love their pets bring them every day. Both families say their dogs are their lives. Cindy and Mike’s dogs come into to work with them every day, and most customers really seem to appreciate having a doggie friend or two to sit with. In fact, if you venture into Status Symbol Auto Body, you’ll usually find nine or ten dogs all working and helping their owners fix cars and greet customers!

“It’s such a stress reliever for our staff and our customers,” Cindy said. “Rusty especially senses when people need to see him. He’s so gentle and he’s just sit next to customers if they are having a bad day.”

Most people don’t know the cost to get a senior pet ready for adoption far exceeds the usual adoption fee. Between veterinary treatments, a longer length of stay, dental work, lump biopsies, mass removals, bloodwork and more, the average cost to get a senior pet ready for adoption is $419 for a cat and $433 for a dog. Senior pets typically stay in the shelter two to five days longer than pets under 7 years of age, even though their adoption fees are lower. Mike, Cindy, Bill and Debbie have a soft spot for our senior pets, and they have sponsored similar adoption events in the past. They are hoping this Pet-ique sale brings awareness of what goes into getting these great senior pets ready for adoption.

“Every dog deserves a good home.” Cindy said. “Senior pets often get overlooked, so we want to bring awareness to all the senior pets still waiting for new homes.”

“I don’t think a lot of people realize how much goes into making senior pets available for adoption,” Debbie said. “It’s something I never realized before being involved with HSPPR. We hope this sale helps adopters realize how much wonderful work HSPPR does as well. The shelter has come such a long way. They try so hard to save and rehome every single dog and cat possible. It makes me smile.

” Why adopt a senior pet? Seniors make great pets for many reasons. They are calmer and well-behaved. You already know what size they are going to be. And they are experienced at being members of the family. Visit to see what seniors we have available today!

The whole Status Symbol Auto Body crew! From left: Christine with her pit bull Jake; Cindy with her black lab Tash, boxer mix Kate, and golden mix Rusty; Debbie with her black flat-coated retriever Bear and wooley husky Bruno; Nate (standing) with terrier mix Bruiser and peaking around the back is brown border collie mix Chuck; Aaron (kneeling) with yellow lab Big Guy and silver lab Custom