Thank You and Goodbye to Animal Law Enforcement Director Joe Stafford!

Today is ALE Director Joe Stafford’s last day at HSPPR. We will miss you, Joe!

Please help us wish a very fond farewell and a huge thank you to our long-time director of Animal Law Enforcement, Joe Stafford! Joe took our ALE academy way back in 2001 and served as an ALE officer caring for the animals of our community and upholding animal laws for years. He took the job as director of ALE in November of 2011, and since that time, countless new ALE officers have been trained under his leadership. Joe always strives to enforce animal laws to the best of his ability to make every situation better for the humans and animals involved. He also led the animal evacuation and rescue efforts during four different wildfires in southern Colorado. Under his direction, his team has investigated more than 30,000 cases of animal cruelty in his more than seven years as director. Words can’t express how much you have done for us and for animal welfare in Colorado, Joe, and we will miss you!