These Pets are Going Home for the Holidays!

Cindy and Mike of Status Symbol Auto Body and Bill and Debbie of Dent-Tec together will be donating $25 to our life-saving programs for every pet that finds a home this December. We at HSPPR are so grateful!  Our goal for the month of December 2019 is to get 1,100 pets into a home in December through finding owners of lost pets and, of course, adoption!

So far this month (as of December 16), our Colorado Springs shelter has successfully reunited 218 pets with their owners and completed 626 homeless animal adoptions!

Check out the blog below for some of our favorite adoption stories from December!

Elderly Cat Finds Perfect Home for Retirement:

Briar came in to HSPPR in September as part of the large impound of cats rescued from Pueblo. Fortunately, Briar did not test positive for ringworm like her many kennel mates, so she only had to put up with a couple lime sulfur dips to get rid of any spores she had been exposed to.

Unfortunately, Briar had some other health problems we did need to help her with, including some stomach issues, ear infections and more. We also sent her into foster care for a few weeks to ensure she was as healthy as possible before her adoption. Briar is an older gal who might have some skin allergies, so we put her on a special diet that seems to be helping. She also has osteoarthritis; she mostly gets around just fine, but she has trouble jumping up onto high surfaces. She has a growth on her head, but our veterinary team have determined it is benign, so it can stay put.

Knowing this is a lot to take on, we posted about Briar on Facebook, to find an adopter. After she was adopted, we received the following comment:

“The moment I looked into this girl’s kennel, she made eye contact with me and I started crying on the spot. She has found her forever home. She has two new doggie siblings, and is already wonderfully adapted. Briar is a literal angel, I kid you not. She's posed up in my lap as I type this!”

Maine Coon Bonds with Volunteer and Gets Adopted Shortly After Quarantine:

Maine, the Maine Coon, came to HSPPR in Colorado Springs as a stray on November 15th. During his time here, he came down with an upper respiratory infection, likely from being quite stressed in the new environment. During his time in quarantine (so he wouldn’t spread his infection), one of our volunteer Catty Stripers went in to spend some time with him. The main role of a Catty Striper is to socialize our sick kitties and show them being around humans means more than just getting medication and vaccinations.

During the start of the interaction, Maine was clinging to the back of the kennel, too nervous to interact. The volunteer stood up and contemplated if it was time to move on to the next kitty when sweet little Maine moved to the front of the kennel and let out a little ‘mew.’ The volunteer, of course, couldn’t ignore this sweet little plea, so he opened the kennel and the cat immediately crawled into his lap and curled up, happy as can be! The volunteer continued to visit with him as much as possible so that when he was healed, he’d be social enough to find a loving home. When he was released from quarantine and made ready for adoption, even the customer service staff noted how friendly he was in his adoption kennel. He has since found a new loving home for the holidays!

Help Other Pets Find Loving Homes:

If you’d like to support HSPPR’s quest to save more animal lives and find as many loving homes for pets as possible, follow our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on animals in need. Sharing their stories helps find them new pet parents! Also, volunteer opportunities are always available, and we and the animals appreciate the support. By spreading the word about our services and offering your time and energy, together we can work towards a world where all pets have homes for the holidays!