Community Cats Volunteers

In Colorado Springs, just like cities across the country, an untold number of feral cats are roaming the streets. They are un-owned and they reproduce uncontrollably. These cats are a major factor in the cat overpopulation problem and contribute to hundreds of thousands of unwanted cats in the U.S. every year. Thanks to HSPPR’s community cats program, we are helping make a difference.

A community cat is a cat that lives outdoors and does not have a particular home or owner. They may be friendly or, in some cases, feral (not socialized with people). These cats typically depend on humans for their food, whether it is a neighborhood caretaker, dumpster, or other source. Through our community cat program, staff and volunteers humanely trap, neuter and vaccinate these cats for their health and well-being, then return them to their original colonies where colony managers continue to care for cats that can no longer reproduce.

HSPPR’s community cats program provides:

  • Spay/neuter assistance
  • Vaccinations
  • Transport of community cats back to their colony/neighborhood
  • Free trap rentals (deposit may be required)
  • Information on living with community cats in your neighborhood

Questions? Please email [email protected] or call (719) 302-8759.