Fundraising Application

  1. The application must be submitted to HSPPR and approved by HSPPR a minimum of 30 business days in advance of the start date for your fundraiser.
  2. Any use of the HSPPR name or logo must be approved in advance and cannot be used for any other purpose than stated in the application before, after or during the fundraiser. HSPPR will provide an authorized logo once your application is approved. Please refer to the organization as the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (not simply as the Humane Society).
  3. Approved fundraisers must be referred to as ‘benefiting the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.’ They may not be represented as ‘sponsored by’ or by any other similar terminology. 
  4. The exact dollar amount or percentage of gross proceeds must be included in the application.
  5. The applicant is responsible for collection of all items – monetary and in-kind - until the donation is presented to HSPPR (preferably within two weeks of the last day of the fundraiser).
  6. HSPPR will provide a donation receipt, provided the following conditions are met:
    a. Donors have not received a product or tangible item in exchange for their donation.
    b. HSPPR receives a legible list of donor names, addresses and donation amount. 
  7. Fundraisers shall comply with all state and federal laws and regulations. 
  8. All promotions, agreements, contracts and permits required by City Ordinances or otherwise will be the responsibility of the applicant. 
  9. If applicable, HSPPR requires a copy of the Certificate of Insurance, naming HSPPR as an additional named insured 30 business days in advance of the start date for your fundraiser. 
  10. Applicant is responsible for all promotion and marketing associated with the fundraiser. Due to the large number of fundraisers organized on behalf of HSPPR, staff and volunteers cannot provide support to plan and promote your fundraiser. 
  11. HSPPR will not be liable for any expenses associated with the fundraiser. 
  12. HSPPR does not share its mail/email lists with any individual or organization and is not able to send an HSPPR generated e-mail or mailing or post to social media to promote the fundraiser. 
  13. HSPPR will include the approved content provided in the application on the HSPPR Event Calendar for the duration of the fundraiser, unless indicated otherwise. This assures the community that the fundraiser has been approved by the organization. HSPPR will also include the details of the fundraiser on the HSPPR LinkedIn profile page, unless indicated otherwise. Once approved, the applicant may create an Event listing on their own Facebook page. The applicant may then post the Event listing on the HSPPR Facebook wall. HSPPR will “Like” approved Event listings. Please note: HSPPR is not able to create Event listings on behalf of the applicant or share Event listings on the HSPPR Facebook page. The applicant may refer to, link to or share the calendar listing or any other social media post for the purpose of promoting and marketing the fundraiser.
Section 1: Contact Information
If applicable:
Section 2: Fundraiser Information
* If your fundraiser is ongoing, you may qualify as a Business Affiliate and can be listed on our website at
Section 3: Proceeds
Availability: Monday thru Friday (10 am until 3 pm only)
NOTE: Proceeds should be submitted within 2 weeks from the close of the fundraiser.
Please read and sign below:
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hereby understand and agree that HSPPR will not assume any legal or financial liability for the above referenced fundraising activity. Furthermore, I/we have read, understand and agree to the Guide and Application. I/we understand that HSPPR must have 30 business days advance notice to approve any use of its name or logo for the intent of fundraising.
If you have any questions please contact us at (719) 302-8733 or [email protected]