A1402578 - "COOKIE"



Domestic sh


Lynx pt


Spayed Female


6 years 3 months
I am a spayed female, lynx point Domestic Shorthair (please ask to visit with me!). My front feet are declawed. Cookie came to the shelter shy and afraid. She was placed into our Behavior Modification Program where she warmed up, but the shelter proved too stressful for her true personality to shine. Cookie will do best in a home without other cats. This pretty girl is READY to find her forever home and will remain in foster care until then. Here's what her foster family has to say about her: Cookie is a gorgeous, very loving cat who needs a family that will understand her unique personality. Cookie loves being with people she knows, and she warmed up to everyone in our home within a week or so. She does tend to get rather skittish about loud, unfamiliar noises and needs a place where she can get away from it all if she is nervous. At our house, she is staying in our finished basement. She likes to hide on a shelf that is somewhat hidden behind a piece of furniture when she hears noises. She is quite easy to coax out, but she enjoys having a hideaway. My teenagers do their homework in the basement with her every evening, and Cookie loves sitting next to us or sitting on our laps. She seeks our attention by running over to us, mewing, head butting, nuzzling, purring, kneading, and seeking to play. However, she can be a high-energy (over-stimulated) cat. Overstimulated cats can play rough, nip, scratch, and become over-the-top way too quickly. This behavior seems to be triggered if she receives too much petting or attention. She is very affectionate and playful, but she can strike out in a short amount of time. We have had great success in reducing these behaviors by following several rules. First, we use feather wands and toys to play with her. These interactive play sessions teach her that hands are not toys, and they help get her energy out. If she tries to use our hands as a toy by nipping or bunny-kicking, we stop playing or petting her immediately and walk away. Second, when we pet her, we start by placing the back of our hand near her face to see if she responds by nudging the hand, thereby granting us permission to pet her. We pet her a just few times and then move our hand back to the front of her face to repeat the process. When she stops nuzzling the hand, we know she needs a break from petting. Even while she is on a break. Please contact Cookie's foster mom, Jill, at (719)216-3734 (TEXT ONLY) to set up a visit or inquire about Cookie. Please allow up to 24 hours for Jill to respond.

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