A1416958 - "LILY"



Domestic lh


Gray tiger




2 years 2 months
I am a female, gray tiger Domestic Longhair. I am not declawed. *Staff thinks I will be ready mid July. My foster family says this about me: Lily came to her foster home with her 1-week old kittens, and kept them immaculately clean, extremely well fed, and completely safe and secure. She wins the Mother of the Year award for her stellar care and attention to her babies. She is a hard-working and good person, wich such a sweet and caring disposition. When the foursome of kittens were around 6 weeks old and began playing, she would join in and play right along with them. She is a talkative girl who loooooves to sit on a windowsill and watch the outdoor activities of birds and squirrels. Lily spent her first two years as a stray, so she was never taught to sit on laps, but has learned to love being petted and will sit next to you, looking up at you with those gorgeous yellow eyes.*I am not currently at the shelter but am helping my babies grow big and strong in a foster home! You can sign up to pre-adopt me by placing a $50 choice hold. This does not go towards my adoption fee but does give you first right to visit and adopt me prior to anyone else. Shelter staff will then contact you when I am ready to go with my new family. Choice holds must be completed in person at the shelter as the staff are unable to take payments over the phone and are done on a first-come, first-serve basis.For the privacy of my wonderful foster home, we won't be able to meet before I am ready for adoption. It's also a lot of stress on me to be transported back and forth to the shelter for visits, which makes me more susceptible to getting sick prior to returning for adoption. It's best I stay healthy before starting our new life together!If you have questions, please contact the Foster Care Team at [email protected].


Colorado Springs

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