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Domestic sh




Spayed Female


1 year 9 months
I am a spayed female, tortie Domestic Shorthair. I am not declawed. Tonks came to the shelter nursing kittens. She was a wonderful mother, and her kittens have since gone off and found their forever homes. Tonks was far too nervous at the shelter, and we knew she would need some extra time in foster to come out of her shell. We are happy to report she is doing great, and she is now ready to find her forever home! Here is what her foster family has to say about her: Tonks is an amazing kitty. She's an introverted girl, liking a balance of human time and alone time. She is vocal and has many stories to tell when she hasn't seen us in a while. Her purr is deep and warm and she loves to be touched. Being held is not on the top of her list of favorite things, but playing is. She loves any kind of toy that moves. She has the softest fur on her legs and paws. Tonks loves for my husband to rub her belly. She has always been his favorite, even over her kittens! Tonks has had to fend for herself and she is on the lookout for dangers. She likes to have a safe place she can retreat to if needed. Sudden movements and kisses can be scary and she needs time to assess new people or animals. She does not appreciate our sweet yet intense, large dog. Tonks is named after a character in the Harry Potter book series who loves deeply and defends others bravely. We feel that description fits our Tonks as well. If you are willing to be patient and gentle, Tonks is going to be an exceptional and loving companion. Please contact Tonks' foster mom, Heather, at (719) 271-4205 (call or text) with questions or to schedule a time to meet. Please allow up to 24 hours for Heather to respond.


Colorado Springs

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