Blond and White


I am a male, blond and white Mouse (at petsmart - chapel hills). As part of our offsite adoption program, I will be at PetSmart near Chapel Hills (7680 N. Academy Blvd). I am looking for a new home so please come visit me today!**If adopted out in pairs, please house seperatly due to common fighting between male mice*** I need to have plenty of time with my owner or I could get very lonely * I am a nocturnal animal so be ready to spend time with me in the evening * I need an aquarium or wire cage with a solid bottom, lots of levels and toys, and several hiding/sleeping places * I like variety so be sure to give me new toys and food choices often * I need appropriate chew toys to wear down my teeth, which grow continuously * I have a sensitive respiratory system so paper or fleece bedding are the best for me *


Colorado Springs

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