A1448853 - "TOULOUSE"



Domestic sh




Spayed Female


7 years 3 weeks
I am a spayed female, calico Domestic Shorthair (please ask to visit with me). I am not declawed. **Must be the only cat in the home****Nervous when handled****Will need patience as I adjust to my new home**Overstimulated Cats:Toulouse is a high-energy (overstimulated) cat. Overstimulated cats can often play rough, nip, scratch, and become over-the-top way too quickly and sometimes these behaviors happen because of too much petting or attention. Most of the time these cats are very friendly, affectionate, and love attention however, they can strike out in a short amount of time. Learn to know when your cat is becoming overstimulated and stop petting them as soon as the behaviors begin. It is best to not encourage overstimulated behaviors so you can teach your cat how to accept attention appropriately. Use toys such as feather wands, balls, and toy mice to help distract your cat. Also have several interactive play sessions with her daily to help get her energy out!


Colorado Springs

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