A1449810 - "T-BONE"



Guinea pig


Orange and White




4 months 2 weeks
I am a male, orange and white Guinea pig (at petsmart - powers). As part of our offsite adoption program, I will be at PetSmart on Powers Blvd. (2965 New Center Pt). I am looking for a forever home so please come visit me today!* I need a buddy to groom, play with, and cuddle with when you are not around, so getting two guinea pigs of the same sex would be perfect! * Though naturally skittish and timid, I am a social creature deep down and enjoy play time outside of my cage * I need to have plenty of time with my owner or I could get lonely * I can be very vocal and will let you know how I'm feeling through a variety of squeaks, chatter, and whistles * I need a large wire cage with a solid bottom and a hiding/sleeping place * I am curious and would enjoy new toys and food choices often * Speaking of food, I will need pellets as well as small quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables daily * I need appropriate chew toys to wear down my teeth, which grow continuously * I need lots of Timothy Hay every day to maintain a proper diet and help with digestion *


Colorado Springs

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