Volunteer Opportunities

Shelter Volunteer Positions:


Adoption Matchmakers (Minimum age: 18): Adoption Matchmakers help animals get adopted by supervising the getting-acquainted process between pet and potential adopters. They help the adopter determine if the animal will fit their home environment and lifestyle. They also stress the importance of a life-long commitment with the animal, as well as the shelter’s spaying and neutering policy. Volunteers have the option to work with only cats or dogs, or both.

Cat Colony Crew (MINIMUM AGE: 12): Life in the Cat Adoption Area is quite grand for the lucky cats who get to occupy it: lots of room, plenty of places to hide, visitors all day long. Our Colony Crew provide socialization and enrichment to the cats in the Cat Adoption Area and also help ensure that the cats have a clean and enjoyable living area. Furthermore, our Colony Crew oversee interactions between the public and the cats as well as provide information to potential adopters who may be interested in taking a cat home. Perfect blend for cat lovers who enjoy people!

Customer Service Assistant (MINIMUM AGE: 18): Customer Service Assistants work closely with the Customer Service staff and direct our customers either to the area they are seeking or to the appropriate staff person who can answer their questions. In addition, Customer Service Assistants help with animal visits, and retrieve animals for adoption! Customer Service has lots of needs that allow for a fast pace exciting environment!

Data Entry (MINIMUM AGE: 18): These volunteers assist with administrative and clerical projects, such as entering data from "Animal Observation Forms" into animals' computer file; stuffing bags with goodies for special events; and other administrative/clerical needs as they arise.

Canine Enrichment Assistant (MINIMUM AGE: 12): The dogs spend a lot of time in their kennels, waiting to reclaimed by their owners, waiting to go out for walks, waiting to be adopted. Canine Enrichment Assistants help make the waiting a little less stressful by providing Kongs, food puzzles and other forms of in-kennel enrichment. Enrichment Assistants also spot clean kennels and change out soiled bedding to ensure animals are comfortable. They help keep laundry moving through washers so that there is always a clean supply of blankets.

Foster Care Assistant (MINIMUM AGE: 16): Foster Care Assistants work closely with our Foster Care Coordinator, providing assistance with weights checks on foster animals, providing the appropriate vaccines, preparing supplies for foster volunteers, assist on the intake of foster animals returning to the shelter.

Foster Home Inspector (MINIMUM AGE: 21): It is a requirement by PACFA – Pet Animal Care Facility Act that all foster homes for the Humane Society receive an initial and then annual home inspection. Due to the high volume of foster homes and time constraints of the Foster Care Coordinator, this position is being offered as a volunteer position within the Humane Society.

Foster Volunteer (MINIMUM AGE: 21): Often times, animals that come to the shelter are not quite ready for adoption. They may be sick, injured, too young, nursing babies or have some behavioral issues that need to be worked with out of the shelter. Foster parents provide a temporary, safe, clean and nurturing environment these animals until they are ready for adoption. This is a great family experience!

Hospital Kennel Assistant (MINIMUM AGE: 16): Veterinary technicians must evaluate every animal that comes into the shelter. Volunteers assist the Animal Care staff with basic husbandry of animals in the Hospital area, including cleaning cages and kennels, feeding and monitoring for changes.

Humane Education Assistant (MINIMUM AGE: 18): The Humane Education program offers a variety of in-class presentations, shelter tours and activities focusing on animal respect and kindness as well as safety and responsible pet ownership. Volunteers help with all aspects of these programs.

Kennel Assistant (MINIMUM AGE: 12): Every job that deals with animals in the shelter has some element of kennel cleaning to it. Therefore, it is important that all volunteers who work with the animals have an understanding of the ins and outs of our cleaning protocols. Also, the kennels are the heart of our operation. You can’t understand the flow of work here without spending some time in the kennels. It is a great opportunity to learn about the issues in shelter.

Photographer (MINIMUM AGE: 12): When animals first arrive at the shelter, a photo is taken of them as a form of identification. However, the animal is stressed or afraid and a quick snapshot is taken, even if it’s not the best picture of the animal. Volunteer photographers take newer, nice photos of available animals once they are in more relaxed, easy feeling state that are then entered into our database and give potential adopters a more appealing view of the animals in our shelter. Volunteers have the option to work with only cats or dogs, or both.

Admissions Assistant (MINIMUM AGE: 18): The Intake Lobby is a busy place inside the shelter. Adminssions Assistants help expedite the process of incoming animals into the shelter by greeting the public and answering questions, and providing information on looking for lost pets.

Surgery Center Assistant (MINIMUM AGE: 16): The veterinarians in our Surgery Center perform 25-30 surgeries a day. This calls for volunteer help with 25-30 surgery packs, cleaning cages, and lots of animal transporting.

Foster Care:

The benefits can be extremely rewarding - you’ll receive unconditional love from your foster animal and the joy of knowing that you were able to help save a shelter animal. This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for anyone willing to make a short-term commitment for our organization. Foster Care volunteers are encouraged to take breaks in between fostering animals. A state-required home visit will be conducted before being approved for this position.

Community Cats Volunteer Program:

This exciting opportunity to help make a difference in addressing the cat overpopulation problem accepts volunteers all year round! Volunteers assist in the trapping and releasing of community cats, inspecting potential colony sites and much more! This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for anyone who is looking for lots of flexibility in their volunteer schedule. Community Cat Volunteers have the option to work anytime of the day, including late night cat trapping! Attending a Community Cat Volunteer Orientation is required before being able to volunteer in this position.

Community Animal Response Team (CART):

CART provides professional preparedness response and recovery, resources and community education to ensure the health and welfare of animals before, during and after a disaster recovery. Our vision is a community prepared to support animals in a disaster. Learn more about how to join our team today!

Group Volunteer Information: Are you looking to complete a one-day service project for your business, school or military group? Check out our Group Volunteer Opportunities.