HSPPR is not licensed to accept wildlife.  If you find wildlife please utilize the resources below:


Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center:

Aurora McGee 719-392-7122 (leave message.)
  • Hours of operation:  Seven days a week.  
  • Location:  Security (South Colorado Springs.)
  • Licensed for:  Adult birds.  Baby birds.  Baby squirrels. 
Donna Ralph and Phil Carberry 719-683-8152 (leave message.)
  • Hours of operation:  Seven days a week with drop-off policy
  • Location:  Ellicott, Colorado.  23350 Highway 94, 80808;
  • Licensed for:  All wild birds.  Cottontails, squirrels, fox, coyote, bobcat, badger, spotted skunks (no striped skunks.)  NO RACCOONS.

Wild Forever:
Linda Cope 719-495-4477 
Licensed for: Deer, fox, porcupine

Colorado Parks and Wildlife: 
Raccoons, skunks, bear, & deer
Call 719-227-5200 during normal business hours
Animals accepted

Wildlife rehabilitators receives no agency funding and rely on your donations to provide services. Wildlife rehabilitators work regular jobs in addition to caring for wildlife, returning phone calls and accepting wildlife as promptly as possible.