October 24, 2017

We’re Better Together

People and pets.

We’re better with their wet noses and fuzzy bellies and warm hearts by our side. They’re better with full bellies and warm couches and gentle hands showing them love. We’re better together, and one of HSPPR’s top priorities is recognizing these all-important animal/human bonds that make all our lives so much richer. We help strengthen these bonds everyday by providing everyday services to help you keep your four-legged friends safe, healthy and happy.

Did you know, every HSPPR adoption package comes with lots of great extras to help you and your new pet start your new life together out on the right paw? Every cat and dog adoption comes with a voucher for a veterinarian exam, vaccinations, a spay or neuter surgery and a microchip, and dog adoptions also come with a 1-year dog license. But how does HSPPR make it easier for families with owned pets to care for their furry family members? We offer low-cost vaccinations and sterilization appointments to make sure your pets always have access to preventative care. We also sell licenses and microchips, both of which are instrumental in getting your lost pet back to you as soon as possible.

We’re better together. Find the big spoon to his little spoon today at www.hsppr.org/adopt!