January 30, 2019

When a Beloved Pet Passes

Your pet is an important part of your family, so when they pass away, the loss you feel may be immense and difficult to process. Just like when we lose beloved humans, there is a period of time we mourn the loss of our pet companion.

Remembering the wonderful time you spent with your pet (the funny – or not so funny – moments) can help with the grieving process. Some pet owners compile favorite images in a photo album to celebrate the bond they shared. Focusing on these special moments can help ease the pain of loss during the grieving process.

Another tangible item that may help during this difficult time is choosing a physical memorial to honor and celebrate the life of your pet. The pet crematory partnering with your veterinarian may have a number of items to help you memorialize your pet. For example, Lasting Paws Pet Memorial, our crematory partner here at Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, offers urns, paw prints, and other memorial items. Others choose to pay tribute to their pet by making a donation to an animal welfare agency such as HSPPR.

At some point, you may have thoughts about welcoming a new pet into your home. This decision will be different for everyone, just like the grieving experience. The important thing to note is if you do adopt a new pet into your home, it does not mean you have forgotten about your dearly departed pet. It simply means you are moving on to a new chapter in your life. And, your previous pet would want you to smile again and be happy! We at HSPPR would love for you to consider a pet from our facility when you are ready to adopt again. You can see all of the pets in need of loving new homes here.

Need Help With Your Grief?

Lap of Love offers virtual support to help pet parents with their grief.