October 1, 2020

Willow is Here to Tell You About Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

Hi, I’m Willow! And, I’m here to tell you about why adopting a shelter dog is so important, in honor of #AdoptAShelterDogMonth.

I was just a puppy when I was at Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. And while they took great care of me, it was still lonely and scary. I didn’t have a human to give me the 1:1 attention I needed, and I didn’t have anyone to give puppy kisses. I had food, water, walks, toys, and a warm bed, but I was still missing companionship.

Willow and her dad hiking

Then one day the prefect family walked through HSPPR’s doors! As soon as they saw me, it was love at first sight. They named me Willow (you can follow me on Instagram at @willowthetrailpup) and brought me to their warm and loving home. And while I know they saved me from a lonely life in a kennel, as it turns out, I kinda saved them too.

You see, my new parents kept talking about this thing called “COVID” and were at home A LOT. I could tell they were going stir crazy, which is exactly how I felt in the shelter! But, as soon as I came into their lives, I gave them something positive to focus on, and they gave me people with whom I could share my love. Between all the training, hiking, cuddling, and playing it turns out they didn’t just rescue me – I think I rescued them too.

Adorable dog Willow and her smiling mom!

So, next time you’re considering getting a dog, think about all the reasons you want one. If it’s companionship and unconditional love you’re looking for, then I promise there’s a shelter dog looking for those things too. #HappyTailsHappyHearts

P.S. If you want to read more about my story, check out my mom in KOAA!