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I've Lost My Pet

My Pet is Missing. What Should I Do?

Time is critical. It is imperative you file a Lost Pet Report immediately, which remains active for 10 days, and come to the shelter to:

1. Look through the found reports of stray animals being held at other locations.

2. Look through the public kennels to see if your pet is already here.

3. Ask to see animals in out-of-view rooms. Injured, ill, or scared animals are kenneled in a separate area.

HSPPR waives impound and boarding costs when pets are reclaimed within 24 hours, provided the pet has not been impounded in the last year. License and proof of rabies are required. Medical fees may apply. Due to high volume, it make take us longer than 24 hours to contact owners. We encourage you to check with HSPPR immediately if your pet is missing.

HSPPR does its best to match lost pet reports with animals coming into the shelter. However, we receive over 70 animals each day and it is you, the owner, who knows your animal the best and can identify them the fastest. There may be additional Lost of Found reports at the Humane Society and not yet published online. Please be sure to come in to review all reports in our Lost and Found area.

Stray dogs are held a minimum of 5 days and cats a minimum of 3 days before HSPPR takes ownership and they may be made available for adoption, so we encourage you to act quickly.  In some cases, seriously ill animals or animals with severe behavior problems may need to be humanely euthanized.

Please note, fees are incurred for reclaiming your pet, including impound fees, board fees, and other fees associated with ensuring your pet meets rabies vaccination and licensing regulations. Fees increase daily, so the sooner you come, the better.

Questions? Call us at (719) 302-8723.