Loving Foster Homes Needed!

Over the last decade, Pueblo Animal Services has taken in and cared for tens of thousands of animals from all over Pueblo County. But we could be saving even more lives if we had your help! Although Pueblo Animal Services is always in need of life-saving supplies and donations, one of the greatest gifts you can give a homeless animal is to open your home as a temporary foster to a pet who just needs a little extra time and attention.

Working with volunteer foster providers allows us to expand the number of animals we reach and care for each and every day. Animals may be too young or fragile to be immediately placed for adoption, and animals that have received life-saving medical attention may need time to recover in a loving home. Many animals may simply need a quiet environment to reduce their stress.

As an open-admission shelter, Pueblo Animal Services lovingly cares for thousands of animals every year, but a shelter environment in which animals are kept in relatively close quarters is not ideal for the long-term well-being of most animals. Depending on the personality of an animal, kenneling and the effects of kennel stress can permanently impact their behavior, physical and mental health and, ultimately, their adoptability.

A loving home that pays individualized attention to an animal's needs will afford each a healthy, stress - free environment in which to grow up, recover or simply be loved until they can find their forever homes. Our volunteer foster program offers flexibility and a range of opportunities to fit in with your lifestyle and interests, and by joining our team of Foster Providers you will know that you have made an immeasurable difference in the life of each animal you take into your home.

Although the winter months often bring fewer stray animals in need of fostering, as spring and summer come around, there will be many underage kittens and puppies that desperately need a temporary home in order to grow into thriving, well-socialized, adoptable pets! Even if you aren’t yet ready to take on a foster animal, if you act now, you will be prepared once these animals need your help.

It is because of selfless people like you that we are able to expand our life-saving efforts and develop more ways that we can provide for those animals most in need in Pueblo. Please act now in order to become part of this vital program at Pueblo Animal Services!

Click here to start the process of becoming a foster parent to a shelter animal in need!

Please feel free to email or call us at 719.404.5415 with any questions about our volunteer program.