Colorado Springs Court-Ordered Community Service

 We value all our volunteers at HSPPR. By signing up to complete your community service with us you will be integrated into the shelter as a foundational volunteer with no animal contact. You must commit to maintaining a set schedule and have great communication. Once your community service is competed you may request to become a core volunteer with us.

How to become a community service volunteer


Ready to volunteer?

If you meet the below requirements, email and we will send you our application, background check, e-learnings, and link to pay the volunteer fee.


Send us your time sheet!

Make a request to have your time sheet sent to us at


Ready, set, go!

After your application is complete, your background check is passed, your fee is paid, and e-learnings are complete contact to schedule your first shift.


Meet us!

During your first shift, you will receive your name tag, key card, and we will schedule all your shifts so you know when your hours will be completed.


We'll take care of the rest!

Once you have completed all required hours, Volunteer Management staff will fill out your time sheet and send it back to Front Range Community Service.

Court-ordered community service requirements

Must be at least 18 years old

Must be registered with Front Range Community Service

Call 719.442.2201 to request a timesheet from Front Range Community Service

Must have a minimum of 20 hours to complete

Shifts are available 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., 7 days a week

Certain charges are excluded from the program

Community service hours for, or individuals with past convictions of any felony, sexual or violent crimes, theft-related crimes, any neglect-related crime or animal cruelty within the last seven years will not be accepted; a criminal background check is required.