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We’re here to make the community a safe place for pets and people.

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About ALE

Animal Law Enforcement (ALE), a division of Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, is contracted to serve El Paso County, Pueblo County, Douglas County, and the City of Centennial, an area encompassing approximately 5,400 square miles and serving over one million citizens. These jurisdictions have contracted us to carry out animal services on their behalf because of our experience and expertise. 

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More about ALE

ALE is committed to promoting and protecting the safety, health, and quality of life of pets and people through the enforcement of  laws and positive responsible pet ownership education. Officers are empowered with authority by the cities and counties served, and many are also agents of the Bureau of Animal Protection. All ALE officers are recognized as Peace Officers by 30-15-105 and 30-42-107 C.R.S.


Colorado Revised Statutes address domestic animals and laws primarily pertaining to:

  • cruelty to animals
  • dangerous animals
  • bites (domestic animals only)
  • animals running at large
  • number of animals/sanitary requirements
  • licensing and vaccination requirements
  • noisy pets

Laws & ordinances

Laws vary by jurisdiction. Click here to see the areas we serve.

Frequently asked questions

Call our Animal Law Enforcement team at your corresponding jurisdiction’s phone number (listed at the bottom of this page) if you suspect an animal is suffering or you suspect she’s been abandoned. Please don’t email us as it may delay our response.

Laws vary by jurisdiction. See our laws & ordinances page for the areas we serve.

Call our Animal Law Enforcement team at your corresponding jurisdiction’s phone number (listed at the bottom of this page) to report a pet in a hot car. A dog can only withstand an increased body temperature for a short time before suffering a fever, heat exhaustion, irreparable brain damage – or even death.

Licensing helps make sure your pet gets back to you if he gets lost. And it’s the law! See our licensing page for more information on requirements based on where you live.

License your pet

Make sure your pet can find his way back to you in an emergency with a license. And it’s the law!

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Bite Blotter

Bite Blotter

ALE officers responded to more than 4,400 calls about aggressive domestic pets in El Paso and Pueblo Counties last year — that’s about twelve calls every day. Our bite blotter gives you closer look at some of the moderate to severe incidents in our community.